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 Aviano Masonic Lodge # 643 was erected by members of the U.S. military over 40 years ago. We are located 100 kilometers north of Venice and only a few hours drive from the Austrian, Swiss, French, and German borders. Aviano F&AM meets at the base of the Dolomite Mountain Range(pre-alps), just oustside of the Aviano Town Square in the province of Pordenone, which is famous for it's fine cultral cuisine and locally made wine.
 We are an American Military Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orient of Italy and members are made up of military, retired civilians, government contractors, and Italian Brothers. We meet the First and Third Wednesday of each month and invite all Traveling Brothers to attend our Meetings.We are an american - based lodge with our works deriving from the great state of California, and entwined with the Constitution and By-Laws from the GOI.

Meetings – First and Third Wednesday – 1930

Square and Compass Lunch – Second Friday – 1200

Interested in Free Masonry, send us your contact information and we will invite you to lunch!  Sojourners welcome!

 *Any Brothers who are making plans to travel through southern Europe in the near future: Contact this website for more up-to-date information on your destination. Depending on the point of arrival, we may be able to place you in contact with local Brothers who can better assist you in your planning or during your stay.
 *To all Prince Hall Brethren who are coming to Aviano, there is a local PH lodge we can put you in contact with.

 Words From The Master:


Exciting times are upon us as masons!  We have over the past year continued to work and support our brothers around the globe!  To this end, we must continue our work to improve our fraternity, our friendships and our relationships.  Our Masonic fraternity is not secret, it only contains secrets. Looking forward you might ask yourself these questions:  What is a Mason?  How Can I become a Mason?

What is a Mason?  This could be the person sitting next to you and you just don’t know it!  Masonry has been around for many years and helped many people in need of help!  A mason can be anyone who belongs to a Masonic fraternity!

How Can I become a Mason? Ask one to be one!  Quite simple and something I did not create!  We do not recruit, but it goes full circle when you think about becoming one, the biggest question is, who do I contact?  Our contact point is our gmail email address listed on this web site!

Brothers and candidates, I look forward to seeing you in lodge!


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