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Aviano Lodge 643 continues to work! It's an exciting time to be a Mason! As you go through your day, think of your family, friends and fraternity! Over the past few months, we have progressed in some valuable friendship building and as luck would have it we were able to start updating our website. We “thank you” for visiting our websites!


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Brothers, this is one more tool we can use in our masonic journey!  Feel free to contact us using the newly created gmail email account. 
Have a wonderful masonic day!



The Master's Carpet

 This Design inparticular is peculiar to the Master Mason because of the message and symbols it relays. I challenge every Brother who is either out of practice, or just out of touch, to examine this carpet and find it's meaning.

Elections and Induction of Officers

 The new election schedule will be posted as soon as it becomes available.