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 The History of Freemasonry is derived from that of Architectural Masonry. Being in Europe, we have a great opportunity to visit the ancient sites of what masonry once was, and see just how much our fraternity has actually changed.


 The Parthenon in Athens is a great example of the operative mason's craftmanship. This awesome display of architecture was constructed many centuries ago and stood as a towering display of pride and honor for the ruling powers.


 The Corinthian style of building columns was considered one of the most beautiful and intricate throughout history. It stood in many structures and paid homage to the hard work of their designers.


 Operative Masonry was practiced even in the sands of Egypt. The Pyramids stand testimony to the science of building they possessed at this early period in history. Even though these Masons were "operative," they still met and studied in the mysteries of their craft. Some ideas and works done by the Egyptians helped influence the way we do things within the Lodge to this very day.


 The Structure of Freemasonry is a great picture of how Masonry works, however, it is very misleading to the non-mason. To truly understand the Masonic structure, you first have to understand that there is no Degree in Masonry higher than the 3rd. If you were to lay this picture down, and make it three steps high, you would get a better picture of the Masonic structure. Start in the Blue Lodge, go up three steps, then you can move around to the other rites and groups. It's 3-Dimensional.