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The Worthies of Freemasonry,
  Solomon, the Founder of the Temple

 He was only twenty years of age, but the youthful monarch is said to have commenced his reign with a decision of legal question of some difficulty. In doing so he exihbited the first promise of that wise judgement by which ever afterwards he was distinguished.
 One of the great objects of King Solomon's life, and the one which most intimately connects him with the history of the Masonic institution, was the erection of the temple to Jehovah. This, too, had been a favorite design of his father, David. For the purpose of that monarch long wore his death and had numbered the workmen in his kingdom. He appointed the overseers of the work, the hewers of stone, and the bearers of burden. He prepared a great quantity of brass, iron, and cedar. He had even amassed a large treasure with which to support the enterprise. But, on consulting with the Prophet Nathan, he learned that although the pious intentions were pleasing to God, yet that he would not be permitted to carry it into execution, and the divine prohibition was proclaimed in these "emphatic words": "Thou hast shed blood abundantly, and hast made great wars. Thou shalt not build a house unto my name. Because thou hast shed much blood upon the earth in my sight." The task was therefore reserved for the more peaceful Solomon, his son and successor.
 Hence, when David was about to die, he charged Solomon to build the temple to God as soon as he should have received the kingdom. He also gave him instructions to build it and the treasures to help defray the cost, which amounted to ten thousand talents of gold and ten times that amount in silver.... 
   -- an exerpt from the Masonic Review, 1856

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